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There is a wealth of diverse casino bonuses are valid for both brand new, but also existing customers. The topics range from the classic deposit bonuses where you simply insert money and get the same amount deposited into your account for free spins. However, it is worth keeping in mind how the different bonuses are, as some certainly not beneficial for the users as they often come with high turnover, while others are completely free bonuses. We make sure to guide you through the jungle of different welcome bonuses, and will always make sure that you get the best bonus offers on the casino market.

This kind of bonus is usually a welcome bonus, the first time you deposit money at the casino, so you get a bonus equivalent the amount you paid. An
example of this is that you deposit 1,000 kroner why you get 1,000 dollars in bonus, so you now have 2,000 dollars to play for. Most casinos offer this type of bonus, but teams always pay particular attention to the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions.

Free spins or free spins are the most popular form of bonus time. This bonus targets both new, but also often to existing players. Free spins are
actually basically free winning chances, and you can always unscrupulously receive free spins. Keep an eye on the value of your free spins, as some are more valuable than others. But do always like in against free chances, for it is just "free samples". Some casinos beckon with 100 free spins, but keep an eye on whether this includes additional payments - as it is not right free spins.

A loyalty bonus will be awarded continuously for existing players at the casinos. This kind of bonus is usually calculated according to the same
activity in the bygone month. At the various online casinos is it a part of their loyalty program where you automatically play through to next month's bonus. At some casinos you get, say, 10% of the amount you have played for the past month, and if you have played for 5,000 crooner, can therefore look forward to a bonus of 500 kr.

This kind of bonus is for those who may already have received your welcome bonus. This is typically targeted at existing players, and can come in the
form of either free money or a deposit bonus. Typically, if your account has gone to zero, the casinos offer you a bonus - sometimes up to 1,000 crooner next time you deposit money. Reload bonuses are often offered by all casinos, but hold back strong eye on sales requirements. Often it's better to just pay, pay as usual.

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